Club Fees

2021-2022 Season Update:

We understand that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted youth sports. We also recognize that conditions, government regulations, and sports program recommendations are constantly evolving.

As of October 2021, we are committed to executing a full club season.

While there may be unforeseen changes, we plan to hold practices, attend tournaments, and operate in accordance with state and local guidelines. Note that COVID-19 has forced some tournament hosts to increase fees due to higher operating costs, resulting in slightly higher costs for our program. These costs are reflected in our 2021-22 prices. While not anticipated for the 2021-22 season, if there are changes to tournament schedules, the club will return unused funds to families and calculate an adjusted tuition fee.   

Upfront Pricing

Virginia Elite has always been the only "all-inclusive" travel club in the region. The price you see is the total price you pay. No add-on costs for athlete travel. No add-on costs for fees or uniforms. Ever.

We understand various club pricing approaches can be confusing, which is why we just have one final price. When comparing our costs to other clubs, consider the following:

  • Some clubs may only post fees for part of the season. “Post-season” coaching and tournament fees may be add-ons.
  • Some clubs may post a price that excludes athlete travel. Families may be responsible for these add-on costs.
  • Some clubs may include some costs, but not all, for athlete travel. For example, hotel costs may be included, but air travel may be excluded.
  • Some clubs may exclude uniform costs

Our all inclusive pricing includes the following:

  • All tournament entry fees and other costs
  • All practice and coaching fees through the end of season (June)
  • For 15s-18s, all athlete tournament travel costs to include Hotel and Transportation (Bus/Plane/Baggage/Ground Transportation)
  • For 14s, the end-of-season national event to include athlete Hotel and Transportation (Bus/Plane/Baggage/Ground Transportation)

2021-2022 Virginia Elite Player Fees

Listed below each team are the team fees for a 12 person roster from the previous 2021-2022 season for comparison.

Note: these comparisons may be different from last years actual tuition due to final roster sizes.  Please e-mail for alternative payment plan options.

13s Team - $6,000

  • 2020-2021 13s Team - $5,720

14s Team - $6,615

  • 2020-2021 14s Team - $6,630

15s Team - $8,970

  • 2020-2021 15s Team -  $8,940

16s Team - $9,510

  • 2020-2021 16s Team -  $9,890

17s Team - $9,915

  • 2020-2021 17s Team - $9,890

18s Team - $12,365*

  • 2020-2021 18s Team - $8,450

* Fees are based on 13 players per team. 


Nike Uniform Package
3 jerseys, 1 pair of spandex, 1 warm-up jacket and pant, 3 Practice T-Shirts, 1 Dig Pink T-Shirt, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of kneepads and Backpack

3 coaches per team

Elite practices are divided into 2 training phases, which are a mix of club-wide academy style training and team practices. Phase I includes: 8 hours per team per week of training. Phase II includes: 7 hours per week per team of training.

Entry fees for all tournaments including end of season tournament (AAU Nationals or USAV Nationals). *Tournament schedules are located on team pages*

Hotel accommodations, airfare, bus travel for City of Oaks, MAPL Hampton, MAPL Raleigh, MAPL York, NorthEast Qualifier, coaches travel, chaperone travel, baggage fees and limited ground transportation at tournament cities. (Note: 15s-18s teams share rooms, 14s team share rooms at end of season tournament and 13s-14s Teams room with parents.)

Travel Adjustments due to COVID-19: 

  • General: VAE will perform our own health screening in addition to any hotel/airline required health screenings at the beginning of all travel trips, prior to travelers joining the larger group
  • Hotels: Athletes will still share rooms, however, it will be 1 bed per player (2 players per room)
  • Bus Travel: We have added another bus to allow for spacing between travelers
  • Airline Travel: All air travel will comply with local/state/federal guidelines and regulations

Dedicated Recruiting Director with over 16 years of college coaching experience. Recruiting panels (Q&A) with all families to include: Alumni Recruiting Panel (late December), College Coaches Recruiting Panel and Player Showcase (late January) and Recruiting from the Parent Perspective (February). Proven recruiting process customized with each athletes individual goals in mind and facilitated by the Recruiting Director and team Coaches.

Additional Program Inclusions
Dinners during bus trips TO tournament cities only, signing day event, season kick-off event and lock-in, club wide meals when schedules allow at tournaments, Virginia Elite Cup and Alumni match, recognition awards, big sister/little sister program, leadership training with renowned sports psychologists and end of season banquet.

2021 - 2022 Tuition Payment Schedule

Payment Options

We offer payment of dues via cash, check or credit card. 


Please ensure, if paying by cash, you contact Lexi Patton to arrange for payment to be provided in person to Lexi. Please do not give cash payments to coaches or other staff in the event it gets misplaced. 


You are welcome to send checks to the PO Box below or bring payment to Madeira and place in the VAE Mailbox in the gym office.

Mailing Address:
Virginia Elite
PO Box 23672
Alexandria, VA 22304

Credit Card:

The link below will take you to our credit card payment site, payment via credit card does have associated fees that are not able to be waived. 

Pay Online

2020-2021 Tuition Cost Comparison

We took the guess work out of deciphering all the costs that go into one season of club volleyball for one of our most travel intensive teams (16s) in the area. Then we compared it to three other area clubs and outlined the information in the illustration below the payment options section. Please scroll down for more information.

2020-2021 Tuition Cost Comparison

Myth: Virginia Elite is the most expensive club in the region.

Fact: Virginia Elite is the only club that advertises all inclusive pricing.

The illustration outlines how the all inclusive nature of Virginia Elite pricing compares to other area clubs once all costs associate with one year of club Volleyball are factored in.

Note: Figures are based on 2019-2020 tuition costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQ document for answers to commonly asked questions. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.


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