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Virginia Elite PowerCore 360: Focus on Power, Focus on Health

Virginia Elite is proud to be one of only a few clubs in the country certified to train PowerCore 360. Utilizing this very effective technology for learning how to hit harder and swing safely, we have developed a proven curriculum to keep athletes in the game longer.

All PC360 courses utilize specialized equipment and technical instruction designed to teach safe and effective attacking. Using proper hip, torso and shoulder action athletes are able to FEEL proper motion rather than just see or hear instruction. The central innovation with this program is the harness and 'arm action trainer' which provides athletes the proprioceptive feedback necessary for training proper hitting mechanics.

Virginia Elite's goal in utilizing the PC360 technology is to improve our athletes' hitting power and effectiveness while significantly reducing the injury potential of Virginia Elite athletes.

PowerCore 360 Certified Instructors have completed numerous hours of additional training. The PC360 course is progressive in nature and completed over six (6) hours of training. PC360 uses a strict, proprietary curriculum designed to teach proper (safe) attacking.

Attendees: Middle & high school boys and girls with volleyball skill training and playing experience on middle/high school and/or club team. Space is limited to 15 athletes per session.

Offerings: It takes many hours and touches on the ball for athletes to refine a skill, as such, participants are welcome and encouraged to repeat camps and clinics.

Schedule: Six separate 6-week sessions per the schedule table below.

Price: $200 per session

PC360 Instructors:

  • Lexi Patton, Executive Director and 18s Team Head Coach
  • Pete Kay, Program Coordinator and Floater Coach
  • Steve Stotler, 14s Assistant Coach and Executive Chairman of the Board

Note: The session price is for all 6 dates. No prorated pricing, discounts, refunds or transfers available as we have limited space in each session.

Time Changes

Please check here frequently for date/time changes due to scheduling conflicts, as well as, the website calendar.

Schedule Changes:

  • Wednesday, January 10th has been rescheduled due to the impact from the inclement weather. The make-up date will be Sunday, February 11th 10:00AM-11:00AM at Madeira

  • Monday, January 15th has been rescheduled due to a tournament schedule. The make-up date will be Saturday, February 17th 1:00PM-2:00PM at Madeira

  • Wednesday, March 6th has been moved to Sunday, March 10th from 10AM-11AM at Madeira

  • ALL Dates for Sessions VI have moved FROM Wednesdays to Sundays at 10AM-11AM at Madeira.  Please see date chart for a listing of dates and times.

  • Due to Easter, Sunday, March 31st has been moved to Sunday, May 5th

2023-2024 PowerCore360 Registration

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