Virginia Elite Partners with NeuroTrainer

January 1, 2022 Author: Webmaster

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with NeuroTrainer, the most advanced brain training system designed for athletes to improve their performance in practices and games.

NeuroTrainer is a Mental Fitness system that enables athletes to achieve new levels of human performance with cognitive training to train the mind.  It combines neuroscience, sports science and immersive media to build training, measurement and neuro-analytics where athletes improve focus, decision speed, and situational awareness that translates to overall athletic performance.

NeuroTrainer targets the key areas of the brain that improve focus on the court. Using patented virtual reality technology, it stimulates vision and decision making to make athletes get in the zone faster, and stay there longer. Over 12,000 athletes have already started training their brains across high school, colleges, clubs and pro teams.

NeuroTrainer is used by NBA, NHL, MLB, and collegiate DI teams, as well as elite athletes, trainers and coaches.

Read on for what people are saying about NeuroTrainer:

"NeuroTrainer makes you a force on the court. It's a powerful system that gets your brain into a state to see things faster, and react with more precision and intention. As a coach and a player, I know how important it is for the entire team to recognize scoring opportunities faster. Priming with NeuroTrainer before practice and competition gives every athlete the edge they need to capitalize at the right moment."

  • Kelly Hunter, Professional volleyball player & Coach, University of Nebraska Volleyball

"NeuroTrainer is weight training for your brain. It helps players play in a more anticipatory state and be less reactionary - it slows the game down."

  • Coach Renee Saunders, Skutt Catholic, 7-time Consecutive State Champions & AVCA Coach of the year

Click here for more information about NeuroTrainer

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